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2AM TECH launches Mobile App for MHS HMO

2AM Tech leader in digital Hospital Management and HMO Management software today announced the launch of its integrated Mobile Application for MHS HMO and its clients.

The solution includes Digital ID Cards, Hospital Appointment Booking, Provider Management, Digital Authorizations to access care and much more! 2AM Tech company also provides its HMO Management core software MC Solutio to fully digitize the workflow and reconciliation activities of MHS HMO.

"The success of this project is a testament to the close partnership of both teams and their deep understanding of the synergies between Enrollees, Hospitals/Providers, HMOs and other stakeholders in the Health Management eco-system"; commented Samuel Ishie, Director Technical and Product Owner.

With this platform, MHS HMO is today one of the first Health Management Organizations to provide mobile services to its enrollees and hundreds of partner hospitals nationwide.

"We are very proud of this achievement and our long-term partnership with MHS HMO to deliver world-class mobile and digital health services. We are happy to use technology as a game-changer for reaching excellence in service delivery in the Health-Care Industry"; commented Deji Macaulay, Director Sales and Operations.

2AM Tech's references for digital solutions cut across countries including Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

MHS Mobile:

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